Control Heat Output

Remote Power Controller - Dimmer is capable of controlling load of 3000W from the distance of up to 150m by Radio Frequency. Receiver doesn't have to be in sight of a remote. Dimmer can adjust power 50% -75%-100%  On/Off with dedicated buttons. P40 has aluminium body, is waterproof and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Dimmer - Soft Start -Timer All in 1 Device

Entire heating system controlled from a Smartphone or a Tablet. Heaters can be regulated individually or as a group. Application is simple to use. All images are functional, user can set own images and use icons to control the heating system. Customized settings can be shared within the organization, so every user gets the exact same interface. Settings of each controller we produce are stored on the cloud, no pairing needed, you can just download the settings of your controller.

Easy Connection

Remote Power Controller P40 is designed for simple installation. Controller has a learning button outside, enabling user to pair unit(s) to a new handset or other smart devices without opening the device. Unit has built in Soft Start function, resulting in reduction of Inrush Current. Remote Power Controller has special vents which allow air movement but full protection against liquids, reducing pressure on gaskets and other plastic parts therefore further increasing lifespan of a device. Waterproof connectors allow sealed connection.  Female and male connections differ so they can be connected only where they have to.

Up and Running in Seconds

Several heaters can be grouped to one remote handset, so you can regulate multiple heaters simultaneously. 



Button A: 50% 

Button B: 75%

Button C: 100%

Button D: OFF


Working Frequency: 433MHz

Receiving Sensitivity: 103dBm

Signal Distance: 150m Direct Sight


Max Load: 3000W

Voltage: 220V-240V

Hertz: 50Hz-60Hz

Amps @ 230V: 13A


Body: Anodised Aluminium


Dimensions: 140x96x50mm

Net Weight:0.36kg

IP Rating: IP66

Remote Handset not Included

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