Horizon - Outdoor Heater

Horizon heater is built with one goal - to provide highest heat output with lowest energy consumption. Fitted with bespoke Toshiba Shortwave infrared element and special alloy reflector, stainless steel body and heat resistant wiring Horizon heats instantly, covers largest area and consumes less energy

Design and Materials

Built around the parabolic shape, Horizon is designed to cover larger area, side reflectors positioned at 120° angle dissipate heat to sides as well. Horizon has very low visible light output and the heat is directed to the required area without a loss. As a result heater body just warms up a little, it never gets too hot. Heats instantly, has no odor or smell, has no emissions.

Effective In Any Weather

Typically outdoor heaters are mounted under cover, like under a tent or a parasol. Technically, appliances for these kind of use are called Weatherproof. Horizon is Waterproof. Moving benchmark to an absolute new level.

Universal Mounting Position

Stellar Heaters can be mounted horizontally, vertically, overhead  or at any angle and inclination possible



Power: 1500W | 2000W

Voltage: 220V-240V

Hertz: 50Hz-60Hz

Amps @ 230V: 6.5A | 8.7A

Power Factor: 1; Resistive Load


Body: Stainless Steel 304

Finish: Powder Coat


Dimensions: 452mm 165mm 196mm

Net Weight: 2.1kg

Cable Type: H05SS-F 3G 1.5mm 180C°

Cable Length: 80cm

IP Rating: IP66

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