The Only Pro Needed Is You
Professional Outdoor electric shortwave infrared heating has been a domain of luxury hotels and restaurants. With involvement of designers, architects, engineers to provide a proper project and  guidance of heating system installation. With additional costs for these services.
At Stellar we do everything to change this and make professional heating accessible to every one we design and build profesional outdoor heaters with simplicity of installation in mind, attention to every detail.  With Horizon outdoor heaters everybody can enjoy professional grade outdoor heating for home or small cafe. As costs on outsourcing professional involvement is reduced larger organizations also benefit and can do installation of the most energy efficient electric shortwave infrared heaters with your own staff. 
For Home Patio, Terrace Or Garden
Home use - differentiates from commercial that you would probably have single area, one table or one outdoor living space to heat up. 1 Horizon outdoor heater heats a 'Table of 6 persons' we would suggest to get 2 heaters so you and your guests get heat from all sides, front and back for more ambiance and comfort.
Horizon outdoor heater is available in 2 power options 1500W and 2000W, if you are in a colder climate you can go with 2000W option. Heat output density and area coverage can also be regulated by the height of installation of a heater. Generally, our customers install heaters from 2.3m to 2.8m height from the ground. At an angle of 45° or overhead.
Our remote power controller PC30AL is compatible with both power options of heaters 1500W and 2000W and enables you to remotely switch on/off your heater and control heat output 100% -75%- 50%. Horizon heater can be connected to the grid or to the socket. 

Example A - Facing one direction - Back covered

1 Heater

Example B - Facing multiple directions - Back exposed

2 Heaters

Heaters and Controllers
For HoReCa
Warming up your guests and extending use of outdoor space should not be at the expense of renovating entire area to fit the heating. With Stellar heaters and accessories professional outdoor heating can be installed with minimum interference and changes. Stellar heaters are used at different locations. Here are the most common examples of commercial installation
Heat Dissipation

Horizon is fitted with special aluminium alloy reflector with true parabolic shape and highest specular properties. Side reflectors are fitted in angular position. You don't have to be in front of the heater, heat is dissipated to the sides as well.


Horizon Shortwave Infrared Heater is capable to deliver infrared heat from Height of up to 5m for semi closed areas. Outdoors from up to 4m. Minimum mounting height for Horizon outdoor electric heater is 2m above the ground.

Mostly our heaters are installed at 2.5m-3.5m height. 

One Person

Generally, one person holds the heater and another tightens the bolts. 

We don't think that there is a need for 2 persons to mount a heater. All Stellar products are engineered to make installation simple. Bracket enables you to slide the heater through it and tighten the bolts when a heater is already hung and positioned. Stainless Steel wall bracket is included with every heater.

Designers and Architects

If you want to  include Stellar outdoor electric heating in your project,  we will be glad to provide technical drawings, CAD, STP or other formats  of 3D data for your specific project.

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