How It Works 

Get Warm Instantly

Stellar heaters provide heat instantly, no warming up period needed. Feeling of warmth from shortwave infrared is much like going in the sun from shade. Stellar electric outdoor heaters do not need to take valuable space. They can be mounted overhead

For Heating - Not For Lighting
We believe that heater is used for heating, it is not true that light from a heater can actually be used as a replacement or addition to lighting.
Stellar heaters have lowest visible light output possible.
Less than industry standard so called 'Low glare' and we don't charge extra, this is not an option. Low visible light output is standard with us.
Not a Decoration
Heats actually. Shorter the infrared wave it travels further and is capable of heating outdoors. This effect is achieved by high temperature in the center of emitter. 
Electric Advantage
No emissions - No harmful gases
No odor or smell - Doesn't burn anything
Discreet - No noise
No after service - Doesn't need changing of propane tanks
Indoors or outdoors - No ventilation needed
No waiting to heat up - Max Heat output in 1 second
Bills reduced - Consumes less energy provides more heat

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